Activity No. 4 Grid And Guidelines

Image1. How do you find this activity? Easy or difficult? Why do you think so?

  • At first i find the activity hard, but by the use of grid and guidelines its quite easy. And also with the use of mirror effect, it helps a lot.

2. What are the skills you acquired during and after working on this activity?

  • The skills i’ve develop is to be able to align the objects correctly. 🙂 If you can’t align the objects you won’t be able to make this activity good enough.

Reflective Journal No. 3

1. How can we create our drawing objects? Name at least three drawing and shaping tools that really fascinate you, then share your experience while working with them.

  • We can create drawing objects by using different tools like rectangle flyout, ellipse flyout, basic shapes flout and the object flyout. The first two tools I’ve used are the rectangle end ellipse flyout I use this to create my own clipart in our practice activity. The basic shapes flyout is fun to use it contains a lot of shapes that you can edit or modify.

2. Justify the claim that Shape Edit Tool is a very powerful editing tool?

  •  I had a lot of fun using the shape edit tool because its a powerful tool that you can create a rounded edged objects. In line with this I have used it in our second activity. I make the rectangle a rounded edge one. Also it helps me to modify my objects to my designated shape I want. It is really a powerful tool that helps me a lot to make my drawing objects look good. 🙂




1. How do you find this activity? Easy or difficult? Why do you think so?

  •  I think this activity is quite hard 🙂 haha because at first i don’t know how it will look like, i don’t really know how to make the objects glossy. But when I ask help to my classmate I saw how to make it look like glossy, then I repeated the activity on my own  then presto 🙂 it became like this.

2. What are the skills you acquired during and after working on this activity?

  • I think I developed the skill creativity and artistic 😀 artistic because if  you don’t know how an object look glossy you wont make it so real. And creativity because you must use a color that would make it look glossy and  to make it look like so real.

Reflective Journal No. 2

1. Why do we need to zoom in and zoom out while working with our drawing object?

  • We need to zoom in/out our drawing objects for us to edit and enhance the drawing. Zoom in for us to see the smallest mistake or dirt in our drawing. And zoom out to see our drawing at a full size, so that before we use our drawing we are 100% sure that our drawing looks great 🙂

2. What are the different CorelDRAW views? When should we use it?

 The Different Views in CorelDRAW are:

SIMPLE WIRE FRAME – display the outline in our work and fill colors will be hidden.

DRAFT MODE – display your drawing in lesser quality, many use this mode when they edit large objects to make it faster.

NORMAL VIEW – display your drawing in default mode or it give you a sort of  a mid range view.

ENHANCED VIEW – it is the counterpart of draft. This view displays your drawing at a high quality resolution.

3. How did you manage to save your image for the web? What are the steps did you follow?

When i’m done with my drawing in CorelDraw, I save my image by:

  • First, click file
  • Then, save or save as
  • After clicking save or save as, choose a drive or a folder where you want to save your image
  • put or type your file name on a file name box
  • choose format your image will be
  • Then the last and the most important, click save (if you haven’t click save then you will start again from scratch :D)

Activity No. 1 Battle Tank


1. How do you find this activity? Easy or difficult? Why do you think so?

  • For me the activity is quite easy 🙂 Its because of the help of using grid and guidelines. Also its not that hard because the lines I’ve made are automatically connected to each other so I’v made a closed shape object.

2. What skills did you acquire during and after working on this activity?

  • For me it is being creative. Because the in the battle tank activity, the colors of it should be look like a true battle tank. And also being creative will make your battle tank looks so true and original